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Instrument: Lead Guitar (and Pyrotechnics Expert)
Fame Lvl: 0 (Power Lvl + Fortune Lvl)
Current MP: 41 as of April AC

Short Description:

Regains So Far:
► Moderate Power: General Alchemy. Transforms objects or materials up to about 8x8 ft in mass and requires the according alchemy circle drawn out. More complex items are now possible to create or change. Can be used on solids and liquids. Chemistry and alchemy knowledge returns quickly.
► Moderate Power: Flame Alchemy. Roy regained the secrets of flame alchemy and can control the oxygen level of the air within twenty feet. By creating paths and sections of dense oxygen he can inflict oxygen toxicity symptoms on others. If desired the oxygen can be lit with a spark, creating fires or explosions with an oxygen fuel source up to 2 or 3 feet squared in size.

Contact Player:
[ profile] thoughtbubble
► PM [personal profile] thoughtbubble


► PHONE: 1-555-555-5555
► TEXT: 1-555-555-5555
► EMAIL: rmustang@priderecords.prc
► TWITTER: @flameguitarist

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Thread with _______ (_ Comments)
Thread with _______ (_ Comments)

Thread with _______ (_ MP)
Thread with _______ (_ MP)
Thread with _______ (_ MP)

Tabloid featuring _______ (_ MP)
Thread featuring _______ (_ MP)
Thread featuring _______ (_ MP)

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Thread from Event 2 (5 MP)

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►Checking in.

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(11 MP total)

Thread featuring singing to another character (2 MP)

► N/A

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Post Ghost Event
Roy top level replies from Squalo (8), Jecht (5), Kido (1)
Saving Usagi (11) +2 Menaced by NPCs
Roy gets a tattoo replies from Jecht (7), "Sariel" (5) and Eda (5)

Valentine's with Riza (14) +3 Performance on a stage
TDM with Sexy (7)
TDM with Agent 3 (2)
"It's called basic human decency Squalo." (7)
Solo album talk with Squalo (10)

Thread with Usagi (11 Comments)
Thread with Squalo (9 Comments)

Thread with Riza (4 MP)
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Tabloid featuring Pao-Lin (3 MP)
Thread featuring a performance on stage (3 MP)
Thread featuring getting menaced by NPCs (2 MP)

Thread from Post-Ghost Recovery Log (5 MP)
Thread from TDM (5 MP)

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Fullmetal Alchemist
Are these memories of her or a different woman?

One Hit Man
He seems to have a good head on his shoulders.
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Might be unstable and highly dangerous.
Final Fantasy X
He's been nothing but friendly so far.
Kill La Kill
Where did she go? What did Santiago do to her?

code by [community profile] cawaii
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Name: Kristine
Contact: [ profile] thoughtbubble
Other Characters: The Eleventh Doctor

Character Name: Roy Mustang
Age: 30 (But aged down about ten years to make him more appealing to younger audiences. He has a baby face so it doesn't make that much difference to his appearance.)
Species: Human
Canon: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Canon Point: Post-Canon after being healed and about to return to duty. Pre-Epilogue finale.
Character Info: Wiki article 1, Wiki article 2


"The power of one man doesn't amount to much.
But with what little strength I have I'll do everything humanly possible to protect the people I love, and in turn they'll protect the ones they love. It seems like the least we tiny humans can do for each other."

Col. Roy Mustang is a complex character to say the least, acting the part of a disciplined leader one moment and goofing off and procrastinating the next. To some he seems cold and to others kind but behind this array of what seems like contradicting qualities lies Roy’s deepest desire and most driving motive: to help others by changing his country for the better.

Roy has always been an idealist. He originally joined the army and wanted to learn his teacher’s flame alchemy secrets to protect the people of Amestris. While he was terribly wrong about where these would lead, Roy refused to give up on protecting others even after experiencing war. Instead he set his goal even higher, intending to become the Fuhrer President of Amestris, not for glory, but to watch over its citizens and return the militaristic nation to democracy.

For many a dream as big as Roy’s would be intimidating, seeming improbable or too risky. Roy however has the type of ambition and drive that can make such goals reality. He is stubborn to the core, a dreamer but one with enough logic and understanding of the world to plan a path to his goal. His achievements all ready show his capabilities; he was the youngest person to ever become a state alchemist before Edward Elric and he fled up the militia ranks so quickly that rumors follow him.

Roy is a leader that gives as much devotion and inspiration to his followers as they do to him. He has chosen his comrades carefully and is intuitive enough to see their potential and true value. In return for their trust and hard work Roy watches over them and will risk his life to protect them. Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is his closest friend and subordinate and the best example of the mutual trust between Roy and his team. She shares the goal of making him Fuhrer while Roy relies on her in countless ways, as a secretary, bodyguard, and friend or whatever it is going on between them. His interactions with his closest subordinates are almost familial, with Roy playing the role of a playful but firm guardian to them, with the exception of Lt. Hawkeye who is something of a team “mom.”

As intense as he is, Roy has a sense of humor and easygoing side too. He dislikes routine tasks like paperwork and avoids it whenever he can. He’s more of a big picture person than one who finds joy in mundane chores and his lieutenant scolds him often for slacking. Roy stops to have a laugh with his friends here and there and teases others or even trolls them sometimes. He usually knows the perfect way to push someone’s buttons. To many outsiders Roy comes across as a conceded womanizer. He is very confident in his alchemy abilities (rightfully so to be fair) and between his smug sense of humor and gentlemanly charm it’s no surprise that such rumors follow him. While there is a degree of sincerity in his behaviors- he is proud and he knows what ladies tend to like, etc., this image is ultimately an intentional jerkass façade. The women’s names jot down in his journal and flirtatious phone calls he has at the office are covers for secret assignments. (Each of his subordinates has a female codename.) In reality Roy uses the assumptions others make about his behavior to his advantage. All the better to catch others off guard and seem like less of a threat than he really is. And really who has time to make friends with everyone when there’s a country to protect?

It is right to say Roy is manipulative. He carefully calculates the actions of friend and foe alike and he can be very secretive. Despite this there is a big difference between Roy and those who play other people to be disrespectful and dehumanize them. His lies and deception are just about always meant to protect others, their physical safety and/or their feelings. As cold as he seems when he speaks sternly, Roy is soft-hearted on the inside. After his friend Hughes dies he can’t bring himself to tell the Elric Brothers, not wanting to see them saddened or discouraged in their quest. He also goes to the trouble of faking Maria Ross’s death and helps her flee the country to save her from wrongful persecution, and later takes the blame for her “death” even if it means being hated by Ross’s friends. Both examples involve deception, perhaps for the wrong reasons or directed at the wrong people sometimes, but just about always out of attempted kindness and concern.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Roy is his hope and determination despite his past. During the Ishvalan Civil War he took countless lives. During the war he realized that he and his fellow soldiers were not making the world better in fact they were being treated more like pieces of a killing machine than humans. He had achieved the very opposite of his goals and even dragged Riza Hawkeye down with him by using the secrets of flame alchemy that she had entrusted to him. Other individuals would have lost all hope and shed their idealism, giving up on the world or on the human race. Not Roy. Instead as disturbing as reality was Roy vowed to make changes so others would not have to experience the terrors he did. It takes a certain strength and courage not to lose hope and Roy still managed to do it, though he does not think of himself as the strongest person.

That said Roy carries a great weight of guilt on his shoulders. He’ll always regret the war and many other mistakes and things he has done. He’ll do everything he can to avoid straying off the better path, going as far as asking Hawkeye to see to it that he doesn't or shoot him in the back. This guilt and a degree of self-hatred makes it questionable whether or not some of Roy’s sacrifices have been due to a feeling that he doesn't deserve happiness rather than purely from selflessness. Throughout the entire story and onward past the ending Roy struggles for both the happiness of others and for atonement.

Genre Preferences: Rock (70's/80's style?), Heavy Metal, Blues (jazz or big band?)

Choice Instrument: Lead Vocals, piano/keyboard, trumpet the flame thrower guitar from Mad Max, snapping his fingers
I'll put him up for a lead position since it's in his personality and he's used to being a leader (though he doesn't remember it yet). Mr. Ambitious at your service. And I mean ambitious.
[Yay character songs! Which of Roy's voices is better though?]

Rockstar Persona:
Roy Mustang (and yes that's his birth name, not a stage name like some rumors claim) began life in theaters and concert halls from a young age. His parents met working behind the scenes of plays and concerts. His father is a respected special effects technician, responsible for overseeing the set up and programming of pyrotechnics. His mother is a stage lighting technician, often the one sitting behind the control panel during performances. Thanks to his parents' careers Roy grew up surrounded by professionals from show business, including multiple passing musicians.

At first, young Roy wanted to follow in his parents' footsteps and work backstage, picking up music as a hobby after multiple lessons from generous musicians he met. Then in his early teens friends convinced him to enter a talent show. It was at that fateful talent show that Roy discovered how much he enjoyed performing for an audience and began to consider music as a career. Throughout his teens he developed his skills in both music and pyrotechnics, dreaming of a day he could make the best of both passions.

After high school graduation Roy attended community college while working on sets under the guidance of family colleagues, performing occasionally in cafes on the side. Then the fateful day came that he was offered the chance of a lifetime in Vista City, so he left his family and friends in Europa and began his life in Americana. For some reason he's always sure that the family is doing "just fine" back home according to "regular updates" that he never remembers to save.

•Compared to his regular self, this freshly brainwashed Roy is a more easygoing spirit. He's quicker to goof off with the guys and throw himself into a party even if he'll be regretting the number of drinks he has the next morning. He appreciates low brow humor much more than he normally would and the most shrewd he gets is about music rather than analyzing his opponents. tl;dr He's been dumbed down in some ways. But his sharp mind will return quickly as his memories do.
•Dating rumors follow him constantly. He's content to spend time flirting with whatever model or actress/musician his manager hangs on his arm for public appearances. None of these have actually turned into a serious relationship.
•Roy's skills in science and pyrotechnics are often added to his performances for extra artistry.
•Did I mention he has abs of steel from his real life? He doesn't think to flash them everywhere but if his manager shoves him into a photo shoot that demands he go topless- voila! There's your moneymaker.

Ideal CR: Preferably not under a jerk leader, especially one that has a broken moral compass or there'll be trouble. (Let's save the rebellion against evil leaders for the CEOs. lol)

Writing Sample: Dear Player, What is rock music?


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Roy Mustang

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